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All APP rewards will be given at the Managers discretion.

A maximum of 3 identical prizes can be redeemed in any one day.

We have the right to exchange or adapt the rewards if necessary.

‘My Venture APP’ points will not be accepted for redemption on Christmas day 25th December and New Year’s Eve, but you can scan your receipt to receive APP points for this meal.

Due to security considerations, the maximum MeVee transfer limit for a single transaction is set at 1050 points.

Me-Vees are a way in which we reward our customers. Every time you dine at a Venture Group restaurant you get your Me-Vee points by scanning your bill at the end of the night. These points can then be redeemed for prizes.

Yes, once a booking has been made you can change or cancel your bookings.

You can redeem three identical prizes per bill, per My Venture App user.

No, they will remain on your account until you choose to redeem them.

Yes, you can use the app, but only certain functions will be available to a un-registered user. For example, bookings would not work with an incomplete profile.

Unfortunately not – please make sure you have registered before your visit.

Currently we only ask for your credit card details to reserve large party bookings of six people or more in Restaurant 88.  No money will be taken from your account unless you fail to show up for your reservation without cancelling in advance, in this case a charge of 20€ per person will be made.  

Due to such a high demand and limited spaces we have opted to leave the Teppanyaki Table bookings to phone only (+34922795395)

Yes, you can now redeem points when visiting our butchers OR steakhouse in Meat Boutique C.C. X-Sur

How it works - 3 easy steps


2- Register with your phone number and confirm with the security code